May 24 to May 28, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The Payments/Refunds report has a new filter condition for Tags. That's it. That's the feature.

Several weeks ago we updated the Aging Report to base it on student balances rather than "complex web of mappings among invoices, payments, and credits". Lots of schools have different approaches to this issue, so there's a new view toggle that lets you flip between the balance-based report and the invoice-based version of yore.

A few new API calls let you update COA categories. getCOACategories is a new call; added program_coa_categories parameters to addAidApplication and editAidApplication.


The Analytics > Student Age report showed different results for students by age. The number of students changed depending on whether you used the Compare Terms or One Term time views, and in rare cases, what you'd had for breakfast.

If all students were finalized and you manually edited a term end date to be in the past, the shiftless and lazy SAP wouldn't recalculate. Added some carrots and sticks to make sure it crunches those numbers when it's called to.

If you manually-add a degree to a student, we calculate its anticipated completion date like a bunch of champs. But if you imported a degree from an application's course of study info, we wouldn't calculate the ACD—like a bunch of chumps. This calculation has been de-chumpified.

Our recent iframe security improvements made it so the login link on embedded public transcript request forms went nowhere. Now that link opens a new browser tab with your Populi login page.

We, for some reason, were showing the Edit Sources option on the page for a voided aid refund. Chills and shudders.

We weren't recalculating Super Term dates when a Sub-Term's dates changed. Man, this was the week of not recalculating stuff, huh?


We hung a sign of our new logo in our new office this week.

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