Using Course Delivery Methods With Student Types

In this article, you'll learn how to use course delivery methods and student types to manage various aspects of enrollment. Some examples:

  • Mixing online-only and campus-only students in a single hybrid course section.
  • Letting a student take some on-campus courses while also taking online courses at a different campus.
  • Restricting online students from registering for on-campus courses.
  • Allowing on-campus students to audit online courses but not take them for credit.

Among many other things...

First, the setup steps:

Academics > Settings > Course Delivery Methods

First things first: go to Academics > Settings > Course Delivery Methods and set some up. The main thing here is whether you designate a given delivery method as Online/Distance Education—methods not marked as such will correspond to the "Campus" student type in Student Info (see below), and those so marked will correspond to the "Online" student type.

Course Catalog

Your delivery methods in place, you can begin associating catalog courses and course instances with them.

  • Find the setting on the main page for a given catalog course or, for course instances, on the Settings view.
  • If you have more than one method listed, you can designate one as "primary" by checking the radio button.
  • Courses set to Unknown will be considered "Campus" courses when student type is considered in registration.

Profile > Student > Student Info

In the Student Info panel, you can specify whether and how a student can participate in Campus or Online/DE courses using the Student Type field.

  1. Click edit next to Student Info.
  2. In the Student Type field, select what kind of participation the student may have in courses with particular delivery methods.
    • By default, every student is listed as being able to enroll in or audit both Campus and Online courses.
    • Restrict the student's participation by making a selection from the drop-down—Enroll and Audit, Enroll Only, Audit Only, or None (which keeps the student from registering for courses with such delivery methods altogether).
  3. You can add multiple student types to an individual student.

What happens next...

Having set up delivery methods, set them for courses, and set the Student Type field for your students, here's what you'll see around Populi:

  • When students self-register for courses on Profile > Registration, they'll only see courses with matching delivery methods; the registration options for that student will match what is set in the Student Type field. For example, a student set to Online = Audit Only will only see the Audit option on courses with an online delivery method.
  • Academic admins and registrars can get around these limits when enrolling students (say, on the Course > Roster view), but they'll get a warning in case there's a Student Type mismatch between the student and the course delivery method.
  • The Course > Roster view has a filter for delivery method.
  • You can mix Student Types in courses with multiple delivery methods.
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