November 23 to December 4, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now embed Populi-hosted files in News articles.

Added some missing localization options for a few dozen interface words scattered throughout this august software program.

When creating an aid award type, there's a new Allow partial acceptance toggle that was previously only available when editing an existing award type.

Gave the Aging Report an early Christmas gift of Exit Reason and Exit Date columns in the export helper.

Added Informed Borrowing Consent information to MPN data.


When entering multiple resources and copies in a row, an error could prevent you from selecting the correct Library location for the items you were entering after the first resource/copy.

If you wanted to fix capitalization issues on an assignment name, you used to not be able to do that without Populi fussing at you. The fussing has stopped.

If a Registrar/Admin added one or more classes for a student under Profile > Registration, and then instead of saving the change moved to another student, those unsaved classes also appeared under the next student. If you saved the registration under that next/second student, it saved those unsaved classes from the first student under the second student.

The NSLDS report wasn't pulling over CIP codes for retired specializations. Awful.

The Financial Aid > Awards report filter would miss certain awards if you had an awful lot (like, over 200) of award types for it to sift through.

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