May 8 to May 12, 2023 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

This week featured no improvements, nor was Populi improved by any new features.


Addressed a number of issues with the Android app:

  • Attendance beacons would sometimes mark students absent before the defined time.
  • Owing to a vagary in the Android API, some folks were encountering an error when trying to download the latest version of the Populi app, to-wit: This app is not available on your current device because it was created for previous versions of Android. After downloading the app, to make sure the attendance beacons work properly, we recommend that users:
    1. Allow the app to access their location services.
    2. Allow the app to connect to nearby devices.

At some point we introduced a bug to the DoED settings in Financial Aid where we lost the ability to post disbursements if they occurred before what was selected in the COD Sync Start Year setting. And at some point this week, we fixed that.

Faculty members who also had the Academic Auditor role could see course evaluations before the visibility requirements dictated by the After 60% Completion and Course is Finalized were met.

None of y'all seem to have bumped into this, but we noticed that adding a new Library would summon an infinite spinner icon, making it look like Populi was thinking about something when, in fact, it was just lollygagging around waiting for you to do something.

Videos and Focus Sessions

Tune in next week when our Focus Sessions will be...

  • Introduction to Financial Aid: Learn about financial aid settings, awards, packaging aid, disbursements, aid applications and so on. This will be most useful to Financial Aid and Financial Admin users. It's scheduled for May 16th, 2023, 11:00 AM Pacific time.
  • Introduction to Populi: Ever hear of Populi? Well, we sure have, and we'd like to make an introduction. Learn about setting up your Populi account, logging in, adding new users, login approvals, roles, search, basic reporting, Populi's global settings and so on. This will be most useful to Populi Account Administrator and Academic Admin users. It's scheduled for May 18th, 2023, 11:00 AM Pacific time.

Josh recycles some classic Populi IP like he's some kind of behemoth entertainment globocorp in this live-action remake of the Using the Student View in Your Courses video. His team of rewriters have him using phrases like "plunged into the paradise", frame common student questions as statements, and even throw in a SHWOW for good measure.

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