Compose and sending options for email

To use email, make sure you allow pop-ups from your school's Populi site!

This article lines out your options when composing and sending email.

Depending on your browser's settings, the email compose screen will open in a new browser window or tab when you click any of the various Email... links or actions in Populi. The options you'll have when composing email will differ depending on your user roles.

  • Staff users can select an email template. After the template loads, you're welcome to edit it as you see fit.
  • Staff users can also insert variables using the drop-down; when the email is sent, the variables will be replaced with each recipient's unique information.
  • Visibility settings refer to which user roles will be able to see a record of this message on the recipient's Activity Feed.
  • Options include adding and removing CCs, BCCs, and Reply-to addresses. You can also choose to delay sending the email with the Send At option:
    • You can enter a date and time to send the email, up to a year ahead of time.
    • You can view and edit scheduled emails in your personal account Settings > My Messages > Scheduled Emails view. For notes sent to Mailing Lists, you'll see them under the List's own Scheduled view.
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