For Canadian Schools: Donation Receipts

This article covers how Canadian schools can issue tax receipts for donations.

Receipt Print Layout

Populi has a built-in print layout for Canadian donation receipts. If you'd like a custom print layout, contact Populi Support and we'll get to work on that for you.

Receipting Donations

To issue a receipt for a donation, the donation must be linked to a person. Once that's done, you can issue and print receipts in two spots:

Donations Report

On the Donations report, you can issue receipts in bulk.

  1. First, filter the report if necessary; you may want to slim it down to show donations from a particular time period, for example. To use the receipting feature, the report needs to show no more than 1,000 donations.
  2. Click Actions and select Issue Tax Receipts.
    • If there are multiple donations from an individual donor, all of those donations will be bundled on the same receipt.
    • Perhaps this is obvious, but if your report shows any already-receipted donations, they will not be included in the process.
  3. Select a layout and file format.
  4. Click Issue and Print to create the receipts. It may take a little while to create the receipts if you're working with a lot of donations.
  5. When you view the report again, you'll see a column for receipt numbers. Click the number to print a fresh receipt.

Donation Pages

On individual donation pages, you can issue tax receipts for just that one, single donation. You can also re-issue receipts in case key information (donor address, CRA number, etc.) has changed.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the donation page to the Receipt panel.
  2. Click Issue Receipt.
  3. Select a layout and format.
  4. Click Issue and Print to create the receipts.
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