Coming Soon: Financial Aid Updates to Accommodate Changes to FSA

In light of recent (and ongoing) changes to Federal Student Aid (FSA), Populi will shortly be releasing some updates to help you package and disburse aid. In brief, the changes will include:

  • Pell Grants: The DoED now requires "enrollment intensity" to factor into Pell awards. Populi will use the soon-to-be-published DoED minimum/maximum Pell ranges along with Cost of Attendance (COA) and Student Aid Index (SAI—which is replacing Expected Family Contribution or EFC) to calculate a student's maximum Pell award for the full year. It will then calculate actual disbursement amounts using the new Enrollment Intensity field; those amounts will then be summed to arrive at the overall estimated Pell award amount. If a student's enrollment intensity changes in a particular term, you'll be able to adjust that field to recalculate that term's disbursement(s) and the overall award.
  • Enrollment Verification: Each award type will have a new Enrollment Verification Required Before Disbursement setting (enabled by default for Title IV award types). If set, it will prevent you from disbursing funds until the new Enrollment Verified flag on the disbursement is set.
  • Enrollment Verification Report: This report will show each disbursement in a given term, its current Enrollment Status and Enrollment Intensity, and Populi's auto-calculated values for those flags based on current data. It will also let you set the Enrollment Verified flag in bulk. A typical use case would be for you to review all Pell disbursements for Fall Term on your Pell census date and then flag those disbursements as Enrollment Verified. If a student's enrollment changes later and her Enrollment Intensity no longer matches the calculated value, the report will offer a warning (but you'll still be able to disburse the funds).

These changes will be pushed to your Populi site once the DoED completes various updates on their end. As always, please reach out to Populi Support with any questions.

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