Custom Info Fields

Custom fields let you track information about the people in your system that isn't already built in to Populi. Here's how they can be used:

  • Custom person fields can be attached to any person in Populi. You manage them on the Profile > Info view. They're created in Admin > Manage Custom Info (see below).
  • Student fields can be attached to active students in the Student Info panel in the Profile > Student view. They're created in Academics > Settings.
  • Admissions fields can be attached to leads. These fields are managed for individual leads on Profile > Admissions under Lead Info. You can also use application fields to collect data for these fields by using the link to existing field option (for that matter, you can use that option to fill in custom person and student fields, too). They're created in Admissions > Settings.
  • Organization fields are—you guessed it!—added to organizations.
  • You can even add custom fields for donations in Financial > Donations > Settings.
  • Person, student, and admissions fields are available in most XLS exports and, if attached to a student, the Data Slicer.

Whatever you do, don't add custom fields that duplicate information that Populi already tracks! This results in duplicate, inconsistent, and/or missing information. Only create a custom field once you're sure that Populi's built-in fields can't store the information you need!

Creating a new field

Here's how to create a new custom person field. The same instructions apply for the other custom field types, save for step 1.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Custom Info (under the People heading).
  2. Click Add Field.
  3. Select the input type. Your options are:
    • Integer or Decimal: Integer creates a number-entry field. Decimal creates a number-entry field that accepts decimals. These inputs reject regular text—letters and punctuation.
    • Text: Creates a 255-character text-entry field that accepts letters, numbers, and punctuation.
    • Select: Creates a list of options to choose from a drop-down menu. Type the options in the Value field and click Add to list them.
    • Date, Date/Time: Time creates Populi's standard month, day, and year fields. Date and Time includes an additional standard time field.
    • Checkbox: Creates a list of options. Checkbox lists let you select one or more options from a list. Type the options in the Value field and click Add to list them.
    • Radio: Creates a list of options. Radio lists let you select only one option from a list. Type the options in the Value field and click Add to list them.
    • File/Multiple Files: Creates a custom file upload space. Choose whether to allow one file upload or several.
    • Text Area: Creates a 5,000-character text-entry field that accepts letters, numbers, and punctuation.
  4. Give the field a name and description. These will both be visible when anyone updates this field.
  5. Choose the permissions for this field. Anyone with the Staff role can see and edit a person field. You can also make it visible and/or editable by the profile owner (the person represented on the profile).
  6. Click Save.

Now that you've created this field:

  • You can edit it by clicking the field name in the list.
  • Or you can delete it by doing the same...
  • And, of course, you can start recording it for people on their profiles.
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