Queued Documents

When you print a letter, it goes to the Queued Documents. Letters can be printed from Mailing Lists, Letter Templates, and Communication Plans. The Queued Documents view shows you all the letters that are scheduled to be printed (Print Queue) and those that have already been printed (Recent Jobs). Here's how you'd handle printing a one-page letter that you're sending to a 50-person mailing list:

  1. You send the job to Queued Documents.
  2. You find the job in Queued Documents and decide to print the job from a PDF.
  3. A 50-page PDF containing the copies of the letter you're sending to each recipient is downloaded to your computer.
  4. You open up the PDF and print it from there.
  5. You then go to Recent Jobs, locate the job, and print envelopes for the letters you just printed.

Queued Documents

Here's where you'll find all pending print jobs.

  1. Filter the list to show jobs from certain people, certain templates, and/or certain layouts. For example, you could choose to show all jobs sent by you with the Acceptance Letter template using the Grad-Arts Acceptance Layout.
  2. Choose whether you want to print from a PDF or ODT. You can print each job one-at-a-time using the individual PDF or ODT links or, if all of the jobs have the same layout, print all the jobs at the same time ( Print All Selected...).
  3. The print job disappears from the list as soon as you print it. Populi generates a single document that's downloaded to your computer that you can then print.
  • If you print a single job, then the document will only contain the pages from that job.
  • If you use a Print All Selected... button, the document will contain all the pages from all of the jobs shown in the filter. Remember, this only works if all of the jobs have the same layout!

Recent Jobs (printing envelopes and mailing labels)

In Recent Jobs, you can print envelopes and mailing labels as well as re-print previous jobs. The print jobs remain here for seven calendar days. Here's how to do those things:

  1. To re-print a job, click either the PDF or ODT link. This generates a document that's downloaded to your computer...
  2. To print envelopes or mailing labels, click under Print Envelopes.
  3. Select the layout and format you wish to use.
  4. Click Print when you're ready. This generates a file that's downloaded to your computer...
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