Campus notifications

Campus notifications let you send messages to your active users via text and email. You can compose new messages or use preset notifications.

Preset messages

Preset messages let you compose notifications that you can later select when sending a message. These come in handy for common situations (snow closures, for example) or for critical emergency situations where time is of the essence (tornado or other weather warnings, etc.).

  1. Click Add a Preset Message.
  2. Give the message an informative title.
  3. Enter the message text; there's a 160-character limit.
  4. When you're done, click Save.

Now that you've added this preset message, it will be available to anyone who sends a campus notification.

Sending a notification

  1. Type a message in the text area or select one of your preset messages.
  2. If need be, choose the campuses to which you wish to send this message.
  3. When you're ready, click Show Confirmation.
  4. Review the confirmation screen. If everything looks good, click Send notification.

When you send a notification...

  • The message will go out to all of your active users with one or more of the following roles: Student, Faculty, Staff, Advisor.
  • The message will not be delivered to inactive users, nor will it go out to active users with none of the above-mentioned roles.
  • Those of your users who have opted-in to receive text messages will receive a text message. All of the remaining users will receive an email.
  • The message will appear under History.

Text messages

Populi includes a certain number of (see the free monthly text messages. Check the notice in the right column to see how many free messages remain. If you exceed your limit, Populi will automatically bill you for two cents per additional text message; this amount will be reflected on your next Populi invoice. Your free message count resets on the first of the calendar month.

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  • 0
    Terrance Spratt

    Do all users have access to this tab to send out emergency notifications, or is it limited to specific roles?


  • 0
    Brendan O'Donnell

    To send an emergency notification, you have to have the Staff role—they go out from the Communications tab.

  • 0
    George Gunn

    Is there a way for me to see a list of those who have opted in to receive SMS notifications?

  • 0
    Terrance Spratt

    I also would like to be able to see who has opted in. The success of this system depends on everyone on campus buying into it.

    If possible I would like to see every new student who has a cell phone added to receive SMS notifications automatically. They then can choose to opt out. 

  • 0
    Chris Chiacchierini

    A report of those who have opted in would be helpful for tracking implementation.

  • 0
    Thomas Winger

    I would like to see spouses of active people added to the campus notification list, or at least the person designated in Populi as an emergency contact.

    Edited by Thomas Winger
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