Adding a new person to Populi

There are several ways to add people to Populi. This article covers how to use the Add new person form in Contacts.

If you're adding a new person who will be a user, here's the best workflow:

  1. Follow the instructions in this article to add the person.
  2. Grant the person the appropriate user roles.
  3. Give the person a user account.

Adding a new person

  1. Go to Contacts > People.
  2. Click Add new person.
  3. Enter the person's name. At minimum, you need to enter a first and last name to create a new person in Populi. You can either use the super-simple name field, or click Want more fields? to enter each part of the person's name field-by-field (prefix, first, middle, etc.). See Names, below, for more details.
  4. Enter any other basic information you have—gender, address, user roles, tags, ID photo...
  5. When you're done, click Add Person.


The aforementioned super-simple name field automatically figures out first, last, etc. names while you type. Here's how to handle "unusual" name types:

  • Middle names: Simply type a name or abbreviation in between the first and last names: John Quincy Adams or John Q. Adams
  • Preferred names (nicknames): Enclose a name in double quotes to note a preferred name: John "Johnny" Adams
  • Prefixes and Suffixes: Type them in the appropriate places before and after the name; make sure to not use a comma with suffixes (or else it will display as the first name): Dr. John Adams Jr.
  • Former names: Enclose a name in parentheses to note a former last name: Louisa (Johnson) Adams.

Populi Name

The Populi Name is the name that displays in most places in Populi—reports, course rosters, discussions, etc. It is made up of a person's first or preferred name followed by the last name.

  • John Quincy Adams' Populi name would be John Adams.
  • John "Johnny" Q. Adams' Populi name would be Johnny Adams.
  • You can enter a person's Populi name (if you wish it to differ from first/preferred-last) using the want more inputs? name fields. You can also edit it on the person's profile after you've added him to Populi.
  • Staff users can see a person's full name...
    • By clicking the Populi name on a person's profile: it will toggle over to show the person's full name.
    • By going to their personal settings and selecting Yes under the Show full name... setting.

ID photo

You can add an ID photo when adding the person or anytime later on.

  1. Click the ID photo.
  2. Click to search for a photo to upload or drag and drop into the file upload area.
  3. You can also take a snapshot with your computer's camera. Make sure it's turned on and give permission for Populi to access it.
  4. Is the image sideways or upside-down? Click Rotate image until it's oriented properly.
  5. Use the cropper to crop and resize your image, if necessary.
  6. Click Save when you're finished.


Giving your person a user role will define what he can do in Populi (you'll still need to activate him as a user). Remember that no one can change anyone's role (whether their own or another's) to a higher-privileged role than their own. So, Staff can't add to Academic Admin, Admissions can't create Registrars, and so on.

  1. Choose a role from the drop-down.
  2. Another role drop-down will appear below the one you're using. You can give a person as many roles as necessary, or none at all. If you wish to add another role, use the new drop-down. If not, then just ignore the new drop-down.
  3. If you add a role by mistake, click to remove it.


Here you'll create and/or add custom tags to your person:

  1. Start typing in the field. You can add a new custom tag, or select from the existing custom tags that come up as you type.
  2. As you type, a new tag field will come up below the one you're typing in. If you need to add more tags, just tab over to the new field and enter another tag. If not, then just ignore that new field.
    • Make sure you don't try adding system tags. It'll waste your time; if you type a tag that is the same as a system tag, it simply won't be added. (System tags are automatically applied when something triggers them.)
  3. When you're done, just stop adding tags!

Click add person to create the profile

When you've entered all the information you wish, click Add person. You'll be taken to their new profile, where you'll manage their information and interaction with your school.

Duplicate People

When you click Save, Populi checks your database for people your new person might duplicate.

  • If there are matches, Populi will suggest them, along with a Not a duplicate option. Select Not a... to just create a new person.
  • Selecting a matching person will merge your new person's information with the existing person, and append any new or unique information to the existing person.
  • So, if you merge new person "John Adams" (email:, address: 123 Fifth Street) with existing person "John Q. Adams" (email:, address: 123 5th Street), Populi combines the email addresses, but retains both mailing addresses. As you can see, you'll probably want to delete one of the addresses.
  • The already-existing person's contact info will be retained as primary.
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