How do I re-enable email addresses?


The "Undeliverable" status is assigned to email addresses which "Bounced"—that is, someone sent an email which was returned as "undeliverable"—most likely because the address doesn't exist or is incorrectly entered. Such addresses display grayed-out, struck-through, with a red question mark next to them:


Reactivate such addresses by hovering over the [ ? ] and clicking the reactivate link:


No Mailings

The "No Mailings" label appears next to email addresses...

  • That have been marked by someone—whether the user or a Staff member—as "No Mailings"
  • That have reported one of your emails as "Spam"

Sometimes you need to reactivate those addresses. How do you do that?Screen_Shot_2013-09-20_at_9.36.12_AM.png

  1. Go to the person's profile and click the Info tab. You'll see the No Mailings icon next to the affected address.
  2. Hover over the address and click Edit.
  3. Uncheck No Mailings and Save.


Populi will now be able to send email to that address.

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