Step two: grant Populi access to your staff

Getting your school set up is a big job, so the first thing you need to do is make sure you get other users on board as soon as possible. You'll need to:

  1. Make sure they're in the system
  2. Give them the appropriate user roles
  3. Give them user access to Populi

Step one: make sure they're in the system

If your school did not import data into Populi, the first thing you'll need to do is add other people to the system. Do so by going to Admin > Add New Person. 

If we did import data for you, chances are the people you're looking for are already in the system. Look for them using the Search in the upper right of the main Populi screen.

As you work your way through the list of initial users, make sure that they have a valid email address entered on their Profile > Info tab—this will be necessary when you grant them user access.


Step two: give them the appropriate user roles

A person's user roles determine what they can do in Populi—what information they can see, what information they can change, and what activities they can participate in. For example, Faculty can see and change just about everything in a course they're teaching, but Students in that course can only see lessons, assignments, basic info, etc.

During setup, you'll want to make sure your various department administrators have the roles they need to complete their respective setup tasks. For example, you'll want to make sure your key billing people have the Financial Admin role so they can set up the Chart of Accounts, tuition, fees, and the like.

Consult this list of Populi's user roles as you get your people set up.

Step three: give them user access to Populi

Once you're ready to get another user started, go to their Profile > Info tab. In the right column, you'll see a note: "_____ is not a user". Click [Edit] and change their Status to Is a user, then alter the Username and Email fields to your liking. Once you click Save, Populi will send that person a Welcome email that includes instructions for creating a password and logging in for the first time.

Read about adding new people and watch the video below.

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