Step three: get everyone acquainted with Populi Support

In Step two, you granted Populi access to your staff which means they received a welcome email from Populi Notifications allowing them to set up a password and log in for the first time. Now its time to give them a little direction on how to get their section of Populi set up and start using it.

To help you out, we've compiled an article that covers or links to all the critical stuff that new users need to be aware of. And here it is... New to Populi? Start here. In addition to explaining how to get trained on the system, it links to Getting Started articles by category (Faculty, Admissions, Academics, etc) so that your staff can jump straight to training resources that apply to them.

It also directs them to the Contact the Populi Support Team article which discusses the various ways that your staff can get in touch with us. We encourage you to review this article as well so that you can encourage your staff to use these avenues of getting in touch with us.


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