First things first: read the Terms of Service

The Populi Terms of Service govern the arrangement between Populi and your school together with your school's individual users. When your school signed the Implementation Agreement, your school as an institution agreed to be bound by them. When you logged in for the first time, you as an individual user agreed to be bound by them. Some portions of the Terms apply to your school, while others pertain more to you (and your students, your faculty, and your staff...).

If you're using Populi (and if you're reading this, you are!), you ought to know about the arrangement between us and you. Please take twenty minutes and read them carefully. While there is a fair amount of standard, "boilerplate" lawyer-ish language in the Terms (which you ought to read!), there are some things you probably ought to know as they have very material consequences.

A summary of each major section:

1. About these terms

This establishes that you accept the Terms and under what basis you are considered as having done so. It also mentions that we may update the Terms at any time. 

2. The Service

This section describes all that is encompassed in "the Service"—Populi, Customer Support, Implementation, the API, and so forth—and therefore what, exactly, is being governed by the Terms.

3. General Conditions for Access and Use of the Service

Section 3 details what is allowed and prohibited when you use Populi. For example, you're allowed to manage academic information, but you're prohibited from using the Service to do something illegal. It also details your rights and responsibilities. You have a right, for example, to your content (and we don't!), and you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials (and we are not!).

4. Implementation

Implementation describes what is included in our implementation services and what is required of the data you submit to us (if any) for migration into Populi during the implementation process.

5. Trademarks and Copyright

Basically, the stuff we've made and designed (logos, etc.) belongs to us, and we'd like you to get our permission before you use it for your own purposes (for example, if you want to use our logo to create a "Go to Populi" button on your school's website).

6. Pricing and Payment

This section explains what Populi costs, and how we determine your monthly cost based on your Base Rate and Student Price. Honestly, if you skip the rest of the Terms, at least read this section!

7. Cancellation and Termination

If you decide to cancel your school's use of Populi, this section outlines the process you must go through as well as your responsibilities regarding your data. If we need terminate your account, this section gives us the right to do so.

8-12 Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, Assignment, and Governing Law

These sections (standard in most agreements between software companies and their customers) define the various legal arrangements between us and you.

Now that you've read through the Terms of Service, get started by adding the Populi SPF record to your domain...

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