Campus Life reports

The four reports in Campus Life let you manage rooming situations, keep tabs on violations and consequences, communicate with students, and apply appropriate fees to their accounts.

These reports are accessible to Financial Admin, Academic Admin, Registrar, and Campus Life users.



The Students report shows you all people who are enrolled in or auditing a course, or have a room or meal plan listed for the academic term you've selected. Since anyone can have a room or meal plan (visiting professors, for example), the people on this report aren't necessarily students—but for the most part, they are.

  • Student names link to their Profile > Campus Life view.
  • Room names/numbers link to the room's management page.
  • Use the filter to sift the report according to any of the information shown on the screen, as well as by custom info field.
  • Click Actions to:
    • Email students: Lets you email the students shown on the report.
    • Apply fee: Lets you add any campus life fee to the students shown on the report.
    • Export XLS/CSV: Creates a spreadsheet of the students shown on the report.
    • Set/Remove Custom Field: Add or remove any kind of custom field that your roles permit.



The Rooms report shows you all the rooms which are connected to a room plan—presumably, these correspond to all student housing for which your school is responsible.

  • Student names link you to their Profile > Campus Life view. The report's actions are the same as those on the other Campus Life reports.
  • Click the room name/number to go to the room management page...

Room management page


The room management page lets you view occupants, information, and notes about the room. Here's how to manage room occupants:

  1. Click edit next to Occupants.
  2. Start typing a name in the Search to Add field and select from the results. The search results include email address and gender to help you properly identify the occupants you're adding.
  3. Repeat the search/add step until you have all the occupants listed.
  4. Remove an occupant by clicking .
  5. If a student wants to take up more than one slot, you can indicate that by changing the capacity used. For example, a student may want a 2-person room all to himself—in that case, enter 2 next to capacity used. The total capacity used cannot exceed the room's capacity.
  6. When you're done, click Save.

Now that you've added these students to this room, Populi has given them the room plan associated with this dorm room and has applied the appropriate room charges to their account. Don't forget that these charges are added as pending and so must be invoiced by a Student Billing or other financial user.

You can also add notes and files to the room: just type the note and/or upload a file, then click Add note.



The Violations report shows you all violations recorded against students. Violations are recorded on the student's Profile > Campus Life view. Click the violation name to see the full description, edit its details, or delete it.



The Consequences report shows you all the consequences recorded against students. Consequences may be manually-recorded on the student's Profile > Campus Life view, or they may have been automatically triggered based on your Campus Life settings. Click the consequence name to see the full description, edit its details, or delete it.

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