Reporting: analytics, attendance, and preset

Academic reporting includes:

  • The Data Slicer, a custom reporting tool.
  • The Attendance report, which gives you a detailed look at student course attendance.
  • The Enrollments report, which gives you multiple perspectives on student enrollment.
  • The transfer credits report, which lets you review and update the status of transfer courses.
  • Reporting tools for attendance, analytics, and preset reports (such as IPEDS).

For someone to be included in any of these reporting tools, they must have the Student role. If someone does not have the Student role, he will be excluded from the data the report will search through.


The attendance report gives you multiple perspectives on all of your school's recorded attendance data. If a professor records attendance in their Populi courses, those figures will be available here.

  • Select the specific attendance report you'd like to look at from the Show drop-down. The By... reports are self-explanatory. The All Data report exhaustively shows you all individual students, courses, and meeting times.
  • Use the filter to sift the report. Your filter options will change depending on the report you're looking at.
  • Email: Go to Email and email the students returned by your filter conditions.
  • Export XLS/CSV: Create a spreadsheet or Access database of the report.


Analytics is designed to give you quick snapshot perspectives on your student data by presenting particular data sets in terms of another characteristic in a specific time frame. For example, you might look at the race/ethnicity of a group of students broken down into age group cohorts.

To generate a report...

  1. Choose the report you'd like to run.
  2. Choose the data set you wish to look at.
  3. How would you like to break down the data set? If you choose a numerical category (such as ACT scores), set up the cohorts you'd like to use.
  4. Choose your time view. Depending on your selection, Populi may show additional drop-downs and options, including:
    • Compare terms: Side-by-side view of two terms' statistics.
    • Term Series: Chart your data set's changes on a term-to-term basis.
    • Term Range: View combined data statistics for two or more terms.
  5. Click Generate Report.
  6. After generating the report, you can export a PDF or spreadsheet of your results.

Preset reports

Populi includes three Preset reports:

  • Student Loan Clearinghouse
  • ABHE Annual Report


There are a variety of preset IPEDS reports.

  1. Select a reporting year, collection, and survey.
  2. Your selections will open other fields and drop-downs.
  3. As you make selections, the report will automatically generate itself.
  4. When you're done selecting fields:
    • You can scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the link to see the underlying data used to generate the report.
    • Click Export XLS to create a spreadsheet of the report, or click Export XML to create an XML file for upload to the IPEDS site.

Some notes on the IPEDS financial aid report:

  1. First Time is determined by the previous education level entered on the student's Profile > Student > Program section.
    • Populi looks at what is entered in the active or most recently active program.
    • A student is considered First Time if his level is less than Some College.
    • If he is Some College or higher, he will not be considered First Time.
  2. Degree Seeking will be reported as Yes if:
    • The student is pursuing a degree in a time period starting during and/or continuing after the reporting period.
    • The student's granted or inactive degree(s) are changed on a date after the reporting period.

Student Loan Clearinghouse

Populi generates the data required by the National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Report for Student Aid Compliance. In order to successfully run the report, you'll need to make sure that you've entered a Degree Length for each degree you wish to include.

  1. Select the term for which you'd like to generate the report. This will return a report for all students enrolled or on leave of absence for the term.
  2. Depending on the enrollment data you plan to submit, you may need to filter the report to show Graduates Only. Quoth the Clearinghouse: Graduates Only transmissions should be used if graduating students are not included in your End-of-Term transmission.
  3. When you've gotten the report set up to your liking (and it has generated results), you can then export it.
    • Enter your school code, branch code, and certification date.
    • You can then export either a CSV or a .CLR file for upload to the NSC.

ABHE Annual Report

Populi can automatically calculate the two trickiest fields in the ABHE report:

  1. Choose the academic year you'd like to report on.
  2. Lo! figures for Entering class and completers as well as Average GPA!
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