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The Profile > Student view shows all of a student's academic information. The left column shows you the big picture: Transcript and Degree Audit. The right column shows the details: Student Info, Courses, Degrees, Programs, Awards, and Discipline.

The Student role

The Student view appears on a person's profile once they have the Student role, and remains visible as long as that is so. An active Student role is required if you wish to record academic information for a person. Here's how you can give a person the Student role:

  • Click edit roles under the profile picture, select Student from the drop-down, click Add, and then Save.
  • Accept an application. This option also lets you import any academic information gathered during the admissions process.
  • If your data was imported into Populi from your old system, anyone with an academic record was given the Student role (historic students were then set to Inactive).

To learn how to handle student exits, have a look at this article.


  • Export Grade Report: Creates a PDF of the student's grade report.
    1. Choose an academic term.
    2. Select a program.
    3. Check whether to include locked grades; this lets you get around any locks on the student's account (such as from a missed course evaluation deadline).
    4. Click Export.
  • Export Schedule: Creates a PDF of the student's schedule; just select a term and click Go.
  • Print Enrollment Verification: Creates a PDF of a letter verifying the student's enrollment as of the current date.


The Transcript is your school's official record of the student's coursework (both completed and in-progress). Related, the Course Mapping tool lets you see and adjust which courses are applied to the student's programs (which affects how they appear on the transcript and degree audit).

Degree Audit

The Degree Audit shows how the student is progressing towards earning a degree and/or specialization.


The Schedule view gives you three ways to look at a student's weekly course schedule according to the regular course meeting times.

Term Info

If you have term-based custom student fields, you'll record those here.

Student Information

This panel displays general student information. Click edit to modify the student's entrance term, advisor, campus(es), and any custom student info you might be tracking.

  • Student ID is automatically-generated when you give someone the Student role. Read about how student ID numbers are generated.
  • Select an Advisor by typing an Advisor's name in the field. Select from the results. The Advisor has fairly comprehensive access to the student's academic information.
  • Check to require that the student be proctored for all online tests in all courses. This can be changed at the individual test by the course faculty if necessary.
  • Assign the student to a campus by clicking campus names. Doing so limits the student to courses scheduled in buildings on that particular campus. You can list as many campuses as you wish.
  • If the student lives in school housing, you'll see her Room. Rooms and room plans are managed in the Campus Life view.
  • The Student Type field lets you control how students may self-register in courses with particular delivery methods. This article has more details.
  • If you have any custom student fields, fill them in as needed. These won't display unless you fill them in.


The Courses panel provides basic information about the student's courses and also gives you options for managing the student's enrollment. Learn more in this article.


Programs define a student's course of study—including which courses they can take and what degrees they can pursue. This panel shows all of the programs in which the student is enrolled at your school. Learn more in this article.


Degrees are the academic awards that you give to students who complete a course of study at your school. This panel shows all the degrees that this student has ever pursued at your school. Learn more in this article.


Honors are academic awards (Dean's List, Summa Cum Laude, etc.) given to students, typically in recognition of overall academic achievement. This panel shows all of the honors this student has been awarded. Learn more in this article.


If your school has taken disciplinary action against the student, it will be recorded here. Read more about discipline records in this article.

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    @Michael... Yeah, that was weird. Not sure what happened. This article has been fixed and updated, though.

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    It doesn't say how to add a profile photo.  Does this feature activate at a certain time?

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    If you're a student, it's up to your school's administrators whether you can upload your own picture. If you're staff, see this article:

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    In the edit Program box, if you click on Delete Program, does that just delete it from this student and not delete your program entirely?

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