Academic Settings: General

These settings govern a number of assorted items throughout Populi Academics. Whenever you update a setting, make sure to scroll back to the top of the screen and click Save Settings so your changes will take effect.

Course units by student

You can enable certain user roles to manually adjust the credits or hours for individual students on the course roster. You can allow academic admins, registrars, or the course faculty to do so. By default, no user roles have this ability.

Default term

Select from your existing academic terms. After saving your settings, the various reports in Academics, Admissions, and Financial will default to show that term.

Enable attendance hours

Check Yes if you want Populi to track attendance hours for your students.

Enable clinical hours

Check Yes if you want Populi to track Clinical Hours for your students.

Clinical hours calculation

Select how you wish Populi to calculate clinical hours. You have two options:

  • Treat clinical hours like academic hours
  • Treat clinical hours like attendance hours

Include overall GPA on transcripts

Check Yes to include the Overall GPA (calculated from a student's transfer and resident GPAs) on all printed student transcripts.


When students retake a course that does not allow multiple retakes for credit, which grade should Populi keep? The Most Recent grade? Or the Highest grade?

Count retakes in term GPA

A student takes MATH101 in Fall and gets a D. He takes it again in Spring and gets an A. If you select Yes, then the Fall course grade will be factored into his Fall GPA. If you select No, then the Fall course grade will not be factored into his Fall GPA.

Show discipline on transcript

Check Yes to include a student's disciplinary records on their transcript.

Count retakes in cumulative GPA

As with the Count retakes in term GPA setting: A student takes MATH101 in Fall and gets a D. He takes it again in Spring and gets an A. If you select Yes, then the Fall course grade will be factored into his Cumulative GPA. If you select No, then the Fall course grade will not be factored into his Cumulative GPA.

Show number grade on grade reports

Check Yes to include a number/percentage grade alongside the letter grade on student grade reports.

Show Social Security Number on transcript

Check Yes to include student SSNs on their transcripts. SSNs are some of the most sought-after personal information among identity thieves and other such trolls. Check Yes only if you absolutely must!

Transcript footer

Enter a brief block of text; this will be included on the last page of all printed transcripts.

Disable auto-enrollment notifications

Populi notifies students and advisors whenever students are automatically moved from the waitlist to being enrolled in a course. Check Yes to disable these notifications.

Count unused courses in course group GPA

Check Yes to include the grades for Unused Courses in the course group GPA calculations on the degree audit.

Enable web transcripts

Include a link to a web version of the student's up-to-date transcript. This link will appear on every official transcript your school exports from Populi. This also lets you offer an email option to students who request an official transcript.

Enable Tin Can

Tin Can is a kind of file exported from certain learning management systems that collects data about student activity. If enabled, your faculty can incorporate Tin Can packages in their course lessons.

Student ID number template

The standard Student ID number generated by Populi follows this format:

  • Current calendar year followed by six-digit counter. For example, the 23rd student you set up in 2017 would have a Student ID of 2017000023.

If you'd like to customize the standard format, read about your options here.

Registration processing message

If your school processes student self-registrations after a delay or using a lottery system, enter the text you'd like displayed to students after they submit their registrations. You may want to update this setting for each online enrollment period—for example, Your registration for Fall Term will be processed on such-and-such a date...

Enrollment agreement messages

If your school requires term-based enrollment agreements(these require setup by a financial user), students will sign them after registering for courses during online enrollment periods. Enter the text you'd like displayed (instead of the provided defaults) for the two screens students will see while agreements are generated and signed.

Enable unofficial transcripts

Check Yes to let your students export a PDF of their own unofficial transcripts from the Student view on their profiles.

Entrance Term Calculation

When a student exits your school and later returns for another course of study, how do you wish for Populi's reporting tools to reckon his entrance term? You can use the entrance term from the student's Earliest Program or Most Recent Program.

Enable Public Term Schedules

A public course schedule lets you publish your term course schedule by embedding a URL in your external website using an iframe.

  1. Check Yes under the Enable... settings. Some new settings will appear.
  2. You can choose to automatically publish schedules for the current and next standard terms or select individual term schedules to publish.
  3. Paste some properly-formatted CSS into the ...custom CSS field to match the schedule's appearance to that of your school's website.
  4. Copy the embed code and include it in your site's source code.
  5. Scroll back to the top and click Save Settings—the schedule will not be published until you do so!

Enable waiting list over-enrollment

Check Yes to allow students to place themselves on waiting lists for courses with enrollment, scheduling, and other conflicts. Have a look at this article to learn how this changes online course registration for students.

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