Academic Settings: Honors, Departments, and Course Delivery Methods



Honors can be applied to students by ProgramDegree, or Academic Term; you may also apply them individually by Student. The Honors tab lists all of the Honors by their type:

  • By Program: These Honors are restricted to students enrolled in the Program(s) you specify; the GPA and Unit requirements are based on the student's Cumulative totals.

  • By Degree: These Honors are given to students after they are granted the Degree(s) you specify; the GPA and Unit requirements are based on the student's Cumulative totals.

  • By Term: All students, regardless of Program or Degree, are eligible for these Honors; the GPA and Unit requirements are based on the student's Term totals.

  • By Student: These are Honors you manually apply to students without respect to their academic achievement (i.e. "Good Citizenship", "The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders"*, "Recycler of the Month", etc.)

Adding honors

  1. Start by clicking Add Honor.
  2. Select the Type (see above).
  3. Select how you wish to Apply this Honor: Automatically or Manually.
  4. Give the Honor a Name.
  5. Enter the Min. and Max. GPA and Min. Units. If you're Manually applying this Honor, you won't have these options.
  6. What Programs does this Honor apply to?
    • Your selections will restrict this Honor to students enrolled only in that Program. 
    • If the Program has Standings, check the ones eligible for this Honor.
    • If this is a Degree Honor, check off the appropriate Degrees.
  7. Finally, Save the Honor. Now you can add the Honor to your students; they'll also show up on Transcripts.

Editing Honors

Just click the Honor's name, make your changes, and Save. You can also delete them by clicking trash.png.


Departments organize your Degrees and Courses.

Click Add Department in the control bar to create a new department. Type the name and Save it.

Click a department name to edit it. Make your changes and click Save to finish.

Click trersh.png to delete a department. When you delete a department, anything you've associated with it will have their department changed to “Other.”

Course Delivery Methods

Course delivery methods let you specify how students interact with the course. There are two built-in methods: On Campus and Online.

If you want to add more...

  1. Click Add a Course Delivery Method.
  2. Give it a name and click Save.
  3. Click trersh.png to delete a method.




*Did you catch this reference?

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