Course roster

The Roster lists all the students associated with the course section together with some basic enrollment information (credits/hours, attendance, etc.).

  • Students shows those who are registered in the course (including enrolled, auditing, withdrawn, and incomplete students).
  • If the course has multiple course names, Students will be further grouped by course name.
  • Waiting List shows those waiting to be enrolled in the course if the maximum enrollment number has already been met.
  • If this is a cross-listed course, see this article for additional details about adding students.

Adding students

If you've enabled online registration, students will automatically be added to the Roster when they self-register. You can also add students and auditors to the course yourself.

Start by clicking Add students and select either:

Add students by name

  1. Select Add students by name.
  2. Start typing a student's name in the Search/Add field and select from the results.
  3. When you select a student, you may see warnings about the student's enrollment (Prerequisites not met, et. al.).
  4. Click   to delete a student; only use this option to correct a mistake!
  5. Select Enrolled or Auditor for a status and modify the date, if necessary.
  • If it is before the course add/drop date and the Max. Enrolled limit (if any) has been reached, you will also have the option of adding the student to the waiting list.
  • Repeat the above until you have all the desired students listed.
  • Click Save.

    When you save, the students will be listed under the default course name.

    Import students from another course

    1. Select Import students from another course.
    2. Select the term and then the course from which you wish to import students.
    3. Check if you wish to ignore enrollment requirements.
    4. Check off the students you wish to import.
    5. Select Enrolled or Auditor for a status and modify the date, if necessary.
    • If it is before the course add/drop date and the Max. Enrolled limit (if any) has been reached, you will also have the option of adding students to the waiting list.
  • Click   to delete a student. Only use this option to correct a mistake!
  • Click Save.

    When you save, Populi will take a few moments to update the Roster. It will send you an email with the results of the import:

    1. If you elect to ignore enrollment requirements, all of the students you selected will be listed under the default course name. The email will contain information regarding which requirements were ignored in order to add those students.
    2. If you elect to respect enrollment requirements:
    • Students who pass all requirements will be added under the default course name.
    • Students on leave of absence or who have not completed prerequisite courses or equivalents will not be added.
    • Students enrolled above the max. enrolled (if any) will be put on the waiting list.

    Roster basics

    Here's a brief overview of the information you'll find on the Roster.

    • Click the student's name to go to their course summary, which collects assignment, attendance, and other data about how the student is performing in the course.
    • Status shows the students' enrollment status. See below for instructions on how to change a student's status.
    • Retake indicates whether this course is counted as a retake on the student's transcript. You can change this after the student is finalized.
    • P/F indicates whether the student is taking this course as Pass/Fail.
    • Attendance and Grade summarize the student's performance in the course.
    • Notes lets you leave general course comments about a student.
    • Manage lets you change the student's status, date, and course name/description.

    Enrollment status

    Auditing, Withdrawn, and Waiting List students are typically managed by the Academic Admin/Registrar. However, if the course's Enrollment setting permits faculty to manage enrollment, then the course faculty will be able handle all enrollment changes up until the course's add-drop date.

    Use the Status selector to instantly filter the roster to show students of a particular status (e.g. Withdrawn...).

    To change a student's status:

    1. In the Manage column, click   next to the student's name. If you see  , the student is finalized and you cannot change his status.
    2. Select the appropriate status from the drop-down.
    • Note the add/drop date when setting a student to Withdrawn. If the student is withdrawn before the add/drop date, he will simply be removed from the course. If he is withdrawn after the add/drop date, he will show a W on his transcript.
    • Click Delete to remove the student from the course; this will also delete all of his assignments, grades, discussion contributions, etc.
  • Edit the date, if necessary.
  • Click Save.

    In rare cases, you may need to delete most or all students from a course. Rather than individually deleting them using the above steps, you can use the bulk-delete action:

    1. Check the boxes next to the students you wish to delete from the course (Check All really comes in handy here...).
    2. Click Actions and select Delete selected students from roster.

    Waiting List

    To move students off the Waiting List and into the course, scroll down to the waiting list and follow the above steps.

    Roster notes

    Roster notes are general comments and notes about individual students. They are visible to Academic Admins, Registrars, and course Faculty and Teaching Assistants. They are not visible to students. These notes will be available to faculty when determining the student's final grade.

    To leave a note, click  , enter your note, and Save.

    Email & export students

    Use the Actions button to email your students or export them to spreadsheet or PDF. If any of the students have a verified phone number, you'll also have the option to SMS/text those students.


    Click Actions and select what you'd like to do:

    • Email this section or—for courses with multiple sections—Email all sections.
    • Export this section or—for courses with multiple sections—Export all sections; this creates a spreadsheet of the students you're exporting.
    • Export roster PDF: This creates a PDF of the entire roster for this section; check if you want to include photos.

    Selected students

    You can select students from the Roster and Email or Export those you've selected. Here are a couple ways to select different groups of students:

    • Simply check the students you want to work with, one by one.
    • Use some combination of the Course Name or Status selectors to show only particular students.
    • Check individual students or click Check all.

    Say you want to email the Auditors in one section of an English course:

    1. Select English 202: Creative Writing and Auditorsfrom the drop-downs.
    2. Click Check all.
    3. Click Actions and select Email selected students

    Course names

    Each section of a course can have multiple course names and descriptions. This is handy when, for example, you're offering the same Directed Study course to a number of music students, some of whom are learning guitar, others of whom are learning piano. Additional course names will not affect the default course name/description, which is inherited from the course catalog.

    Here's how to add or change course names for...

    Individual students

    1. Click   next to the student's name (under the manage column).
    2. In the Course name drop-down, select an existing course name (if any) or select New... to create another one.
    3. If you select New..., enter the new course name below the drop-down, and an optional course description.
    4. Click Save and the student will list under the new course title heading.

    Multiple students

    1. Click Actions and select Add new course name.
    2. Enter the new course name, and then the course description (which is optional).
    3. Check off the students to whom you want to add this course name.
    4. Click Save and these students will list under the new course title heading.

    Changing course names

    To change or delete a course name or description:

    1. Click the gear next to the course name
    2. Select Change or Delete
    3. Make your changes and Save


    You can manually adjust the Credits and/or Hours an individual student will earn for passing this course.

    1. Next to Students (near the top of the screen), click edit
    2. The credits and hours fields for all unfinalized students will open up for editing
    3. Make your changes in the individual fields, and then click Save

    Attendance Hours

    A column for Attnd. Hours appears if your school has enabled Clinical Hours. Attendance Hours are automatically calculated according to a student's attendance and the total number of Hours listed for the Course. If you need to change the automatic calculation, just follow the above steps.

    After finalization

    After you finalize individual students or the course, you can perform additional actions on the Roster...

    Incomplete Students

    If an Incomplete student completes the coursework after she has been finalized, you can enter grades and submit a Final Grade without unfinalizing the course. Complete instructions are found in this article.


    To manually adjust the Retake settings for a particular student:

    1. Next to Students (near the top of the screen), click edit.
    2. Under the Retake column, select from:
    • Automatic; this option preserves your existing Retake policy for that student.
    • Yes/No; these options manually set whether this course instance should count as a Retake for that particular student, thus over-riding what would normally happen according to your existing Retake policy.
  • Click Save.
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