EDI TS130 Transcripts

You can use Populi to generate transcripts in the EDI TS130 format. After generating the transcript file, you can then upload it for receipt by the receiving institution.


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There's only one setup step; you'll need someone with the Financial Admin user role to complete it for you. Go to Financial > Settings and find the Federal School Code setting. Enter the FICE code assigned you by the U.S. Department of Education and then click Save Settings.

Exporting EDI TS130 transcripts

These transcripts are a type of Official transcript. Exporting them is pretty simple...


  1. Go to the Profile > Student tab.
  2. Click the gear and select Export Transcript.
  3. Select Official as the Type.
  4. Select EDI TS130 as the Layout.
  5. Select the Recipient TypeRecipient ID, and Recipient Name; you should be able to get this information from the receiving institution.
  6. If you want to generate a test file, click Yes next to Test Data. Test files can be uploaded to the recipient's server, but not downloaded or used by the receiving institution. You should seldom need to use this option.
  7. When you're ready, click Export.

After exporting

Your export will have a filename like 87c20b0edc7c6739213995d77ba5a458.edi;feel free to re-name it (don't mess with the .edi extension!). Make note of where it is on your computer, and then follow the instructions the receiving institution gives you for uploading it.

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