How are student statuses defined in Populi?

Here's a guide to the various student statuses (yeah, that would read stati in a just and perfect world) in Populi.

Student statuses refer to their status in a given course instance (e.g. English 314 in Fall Term 2017). In general, they are handled on the course Roster; they can also be changed on the student's courses panel on his Profile.

  • Academic Admins and Registrars can change any student's status to any other, for any course, at any time (though they'd need to first unfinalize a finalized course).
  • Faculty can change a student's status from Enrolled to Incomplete (and back again) before finalization. After finalizing, they can enter grades for incomplete students, which then shunts those students back into the Enrolled status.
  • Students and their Advisors can enroll or withdraw from courses via Profile > Registration before the term's Add/Drop date.

You can report on student statuses in the Enrollments report and the Data Slicer.


When a student is enrolled in a course, he is eligible to receive a grade and a number of credits once the course is finalized. In turn, the grade and credits affect his term and cumulative GPA/credits, his Degree Audit, his transcript, his class standing (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.), and so on. Enrolled courses display on the transcript with the student's letter grade. Depending on how billing settings are set up, enrolling a student in a course also makes them eligible to be charged tuition and any associated fees.

There's no real need to customize the enrolled status, though we can change the letter grades (the traditional A, B, C, etc.) to something else if necessary (one school uses Latin grades exclusively—SCL, CL, etc.).


When a student audits a course, he receives neither grade nor credit for the course. Audited courses display on the transcript as AUD. Audting students are not charged tuition for audited courses, but you can set up an audit fee to charge such students.


Switching an Enrolled student to Incomplete means he cannot receive a grade or credit for the course until he completes the coursework. Incomplete courses display on the transcript as I. If or when the student completes the coursework, the instructor may assign the student a grade. Afterward, the grade affects the student's records just as a normal, Enrolled grade would.

Read about handling Incomplete students in this article.


The Withdrawn status has a few variables:

  • If the student withdraws from the course before the term's Add/Drop Date, he will show in the course Roster under Withdrawn. However, the course will not appear on his transcript. You can find such students in the Enrollments report by including the status Dropped in your filter.
  • If the student withdraws from the course after the term's Add/Drop Date, he will show in the course Roster under Withdrawn. Additionally, Withdrawn courses display on the transcript as W as soon as the student withdraws (no need to finalize the course first).
  • There are two sub-categories of post-Add/Drop Withdrawals: Withdraw Pass (WP) and Withdraw Fail (WF). WP displays on the transcript but does not affect the GPA. WF displays on the transcript and affects the GPA the same as any other failing grade.

Setting a student to Withdrawn will trigger tuition refunds according to their tuition schedule's refund policy.

Some schools don't use WP or WF. Others have different versions of Withdrawn that fit one of these three basic categories. Chances are these modifications to your grade scale were made to your database during implementation. If you need us to change something in this area, please contact Populi customer support.


Dropped is a status available in Academics > Reporting > Enrollments. It refers to students who withdrew from a course before the add-drop date.

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