Why isn't the student's transcript showing his courses?

Transcripts are organized by the student's academic program(s). Accordingly, for a course to display on the transcript, it, too, must be listed under the same program as the student. This includes both resident courses (taken at your school) and transfer courses.

Transfer courses

If the student's transfer courses aren't displaying, click the student's Admissions tab and look at the courses listed under Transfer Institutions. Check to see if:

  • Their status is set to Accepted( Pending and Rejected credits don't show on transcripts)
  • They are matched with a program (and that the program is the same as the student's)

To make changes, just hover over the transfer course in question, click edit, and make the appropriate changes.

Resident courses

If the student's resident courses aren't displaying, they're probably mapped to the wrong academic program—or not mapped at all. You can fix this by clicking the Course Mapping tab, selecting the appropriate program, and checking off the courses you wish to re-map.

New students

If courses aren't showing for new students who've registered for courses, a possible culprit (besides the above) culprit is that the student doesn't yet have a program listed. You can fix this by adding a program or degree to the student.

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