Why isn't a student's W showing up on their transcript?

When a student withdraws from a course, a W will appear on his transcript after the add/drop date for the term or course has passed. If you wish for the W to appear sooner than this, here are a few ways to work around this.

Course Roster

To see the student's withdrawal date, go to the Roster of the course from which he withdrew.

  • Find his name on the right side of the page under Withdrawn Students.
  • Click the pencil under Status (If the course is finalized, you will need to unfinalize it before you can make changes).


  • A dialog box will appear that shows you the current add/drop date for the term and lets you change the student's withdrawal date. To make the W show on his transcript, just set the withdrawal date to after the add/drop date.


Change the term's add/drop date

You can also change the term's add/drop date.

  • Go to Academics > Academic Term > Info.
  • Select the term you want to view using the drop down box. 
  • Click Add/Drop and change the date.


Change the course add/drop date

Courses also have course-specific add/drop dates that override the term add/drop date.

  • Find the course by going to Academics > Academic Term > Courses
  • Click the course abbreviation
  • Click Add/Drop and change the date.


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