What's the best way to have Advisors handle course registration?

There are several ways to register students for courses. Here are the steps you'd take to have Advisors handle course registration for your students.

Match advisors with students

Advisors can perform course registration tasks only for the students with which they've been matched.

  • You must make sure your advisors have the Advisor role.
  • Students must be matched with one or more advisors.

Both of these tasks are covered in detail in Advising setup.

Set up an online enrollment period

Advisors can only register students during online enrollment periods (other registration methods are not available to them). Read about how to set those up in Academics > Academic Term > Online Enrollment.

Lock registration for your students

If you wish to restrict course registration to Advisors during online enrollment, you must add a registration lock to your students.

  • Academic Admins and Registrars can use the Data Slicer or the Advised Students report to add a lock to the students returned in a particular report.
  • Advisors can lock registration for their advisees individually or in a group on the Advised Students report.

Register students

Advisors can now register their advised students on the Profile > Registration view for each individual student. The instructions for doing so are found in this article.

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