What kind of access do alumni have?

So, a student graduates. Upon being granted their degree, they automatically get the Alumni system tag. Beyond that, it's up to you to decide their level of access...

Judging by an informal look at most Populi schools, typical practice is to:

  • Let the graduate keep their Populi login (Profile > Info > user status bar)
  • Deactivate the Student role (edit roles, right under their profile picture)

With this setup, the alum can...

  • Go to his Home, My Profile, and Files tabs. 
  • On My Profile, he can see his Bulletin Board, Info, Student, and Financial Tabs. 
  • See all of his historic academic (transcript and degree audit included) and financial information (charges, invoices, financial aid, etc.) will be available on their respective tabs.
  • Export an unofficial transcript, degree audit, and grade reports.
  • View public contact info for other alums, current students, staff, and faculty

Keep in mind that user roles and user login access are two different things! If you block user access, they'll still have all their user roles; conversely, if you remove user roles, that doesn't affect their ability to log in. Similarly, just because someone has a particular role doesn't mean they can log in… you get the picture.

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