Step six: set up faculty users

The Faculty role gives a user the ability to run all aspects of the courses for which she is listed as Faculty (same with the Teaching Assistant role). There are two exceptions to this access:

  • They cannot modify basic course information (e.g. abbreviation, description, credits, etc.).
  • They cannot unfinalize courses.

To get your faculty users ready to run courses in Populi...

  1. Find the profile of the person who needs the faculty role. If you can't find her, you may need to add a new person.
  2. Follow the instructions in this article to add the Faculty and/or Teaching Assistant roles to the user.
  3. On her Profile > Info tab, make sure you have a valid email address entered for her.
  4. Grant her user access to Populi.
  5. Set up course instances (which is covered in the next step.
  6. Direct these users to the faculty articles.

Next: start adding courses to your academic terms...

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