Files is your personal file storage space in Populi. You can use it to store and organize your files, share files with other people at your school, and access files that others have shared with you.

In the left column you'll find the main sections of Files:

  • Inbox: When other Populi users send you files, you'll find them here. You can then move them to your main Files view or one of your folders.
  • Files: Here is where you'll find all of your own files and folders.
  • Shared: If you've shared any folders, or any have been shared with you, you'll see them all here.
  • Search: Search for individual files and folders (whether your own or those that have been sent/shared with you).
  • Trash: A list of files and folders you've deleted. You can move them out of trash or permanently delete them.


The main Files view is where you can add, view, and organize your files and folders.

  • Check next to one or more files to see the various actions you can perform with them (Download, Send, Copy, Move, Trash).
  • If you wish to download more than one file at a time (especially if they're large files), it might take a minute or three to process them. In such cases, you'll receive an email with a download link for the files you requested.

Adding files works the way it does elsewhere in Populi:

  1. Click Upload files.
  2. Drag-and-drop the file or files you're after into the upload area. You can also search for files on your computer.
  3. Upload as many files at a time as you wish.
  4. When you're done, click... um, Done.

Once the file is uploaded, here's what you can do with it:

  • Click the file to view it within the Populi file viewer. It lets you watch videos, listen to audio, and view images and documents.
  • In the file viewer, click to download, rename, send, or trash the file.

To send a file:

  1. Click and select Send.
  2. Type names to find the person you want to send the file to. If you want to send it to multiple people, repeat this step as often as you need to.
  3. Check if you wish to email any of the recipients.
  4. Click Send.

After sending the file, it will appear in all of the recipients' Files Inboxes.


Folders let you organize your files. You can create folders within other folders (and more folders within those folders...). To create a folder, just click New Folder, give it a name, and Save.

To share a folder:

  1. Click Share Folder. You can find this in the main files view next to the folder, or at the top of the screen when you're looking at a folder.
  2. Select the user role with whom you'd like to share the folder. You can also search for individual people.
  3. For each role/person, select the level of access you'd like them to have:
  • Can view: Users can read or download these files.
  • Can edit: Users can also rename or delete these files.
  • Can manage: Users can also share this folder with others.
  • Repeat these steps for as many roles/people as you wish.
  • Check if you wish to email invitations to these users.
  • Click Save to finish.

    After sharing this folder, it will appear in the Shared view for everyone with whom it has been shared.

    Moving files

    To move files from one folder to another:

    1. In the main Files view (or in a subfolder), check next to each file you'd like to move.
    2. A number of options will appear at the top of the screen. Click Move.
    3. Click the folder to which you'd like to move the files. If that folder has subfolders, then choose the subfolder... The files will be moved to the folder which is highlighted in gray.
    4. Click Move.
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    • 0
      Carlos Marin

      Can students really collaborate on a project? For example: could they download a file, update it and then upload the updated version? Can an admin create a shared depository folder where they could accomplish this? It seems like only admins could do something like this. Please advise,

    • 0
      Deb Selin

      Once a student graduates, can they still access the files that they uploaded to their inbox folder?

    • 0
      Brendan O'Donnell


      Provided you let them retain their user account, then, yes!

    • 2
      Janet Osborne

      Is there a way to disable download of a shared file? E.g., for a video you want students to watch but not copy?

      Edited by Janet Osborne
    • 0
      Melinda Autry

      I too would like to know how to disable download/copy of a shared file, or for that matter, anything I would post to a lesson in my course page.  I have resources from a textbook that I can use on a private learning platform (like Populi) but only if the download and copy functions are disabled.

    • 2
      Elaine Phillips

      Just commenting that, to me, the FILES portion of Populi is very weak. It is awkward to move file. It is impossible to rename them. I cannot see who owns something, and I think that only that person can make changes or additions to that folder. 

    • 0
      Benji Swafford

      We have shared folders that were created by people who are no longer a part of the college and we are wanting to delete the folders or un-share them. No one other than the past employee has edit/manage abilities for these folders. Can Populi account administrators for our college be given the ability to delete shared files/folders and/or can a user choose to be removed from a shared file? This would help us clean up old folders that are no longer in use and are not editable by those currently at the college.

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