Why won't the Email window open when I try to Email a group of people?


Ever run into one of the following?

The "Email this section" command is not working on my Course page. Do I need to set something up?

I've had trouble this morning emailing a section. I tried a couple of different classes, and I even logged in and logged out serveral times, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

I'm trying to contact applicants who have not continued in the application process. On the applications table I used the filter to narrow the field to applicants with the Collection status... the Filter appears to work just fine. But when I click the "Email Applicants" button on the top right of the screen it does not do anything. What might be going on?


The culprit in 99.9% of these cases is an over-eager pop-up blocker. Pop-up blockers are usually great—but they're not smart enough to determine whether a given pop-up might be useful. The Populi Email Compose window is a pop-up window, which enables us to use it in different areas of the program without making you leave what you're working on (which is more or less how we originally handled things).

So, browser pop-up blockers don't have the brains on their own to distinguish between something like Populi's Email window and, say, one of those stupid "You may be the millionth visitor, click HERE for a free iPad!" things.

Fortunately, every browser lets you adjust the pop-up blocker's settings.

Check your browser's help section for instructions as to how to do so. In general, the settings are found in something like General Options (Preferences on Mac) under Content. You'll usually see an option to Block pop-up windows (which you should leave selected); next to that you'll see something about Exceptions. Under the Exceptions, simply list your school's unique Populi domain, like so: Save your settings, and Email should work just fine!

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