How do I change someone's System Email address?


I want to change Charlie Horseteeth's System Email from chorseteeth10 to charlie. Can you do this, or is there I way I can take care of it?


You can handle this task yourself. A user's System Email address is the same as their username. So, changing someone's System Email address is as simple as changing their username, which you handle on the Profile's Info tab. Specific instructions for adding (and blocking and removing) user access for a person can be found here.

What you do is this:

First, Remove the person's user access.

  • As the red warning message indicates, doing so deletes all of the user's email. This is because the person's username is the same as their System Email address and, effectually, you are deleting this person's email account. There's no way around this, unfortunately. If you were to delete, say, a Hotmail user account, that would involve deleting your Hotmail email. Same with Populi—email is attached to a username (other information, however, is independent of the username, so nothing else will be affected).
  • If the person wants to keep their old email, have them back it up to a desktop email client. Instructions for doing this will vary depending on your email setup; if Populi is hosting your email, you can find those instructions here.

Next, Just add them back on as a user. Make sure you edit their auto-generated username so they get the System Email address they're after!

Aaaand, that's it.

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