Why is there a difference between what I entered under Race/Ethnicity and what Populi displays?

IPEDS recently changed the requirements for the collection and reporting of Race/Ethnicity data. Please read the IPEDS FAQ on their website for complete details.

Accordingly, we made some changes in Populi to help ensure that you collect Race/Ethnicity data in compliance with IPEDS requirements. In addition to these changes, you'll need to get used to some differences between what you enter in Populi and what is displayed or reported in different parts of the system. Rest assured that this is all done to be consistent with the new IPEDS requirements, confusing though it may be.

Here is a quick overview of the difference between what is collected and what is displayed:

  • If they are Hispanic and don't check any boxes, or they check just the box for White, they are reported as Hispanic
  • If they are Hispanic and choose anything other than just White, they are reported as Non-White Hispanic
  • If they aren't a US citizen (their Citizenship is anything other than US in Populi), they are reported as Nonresident Alien
  • If they are not Hispanic, and select one race, that race is reported
  • If they are not Hispanic, and select more than one race, they are reported as Two or More Races
  • If nothing is entered, they are reported as Unknown
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