Course dashboard, info, and calendar

How do I find my courses?

Wherever you see a course abbreviation (ENG 104, HIS 223-1, and so on), click it and it will bring you to that course's page. 

You can find courses you're enrolled in or auditing on your Home page or your Profile.

You may only submit assignments, take tests, and interact with lessons for courses in which you are enrolled.

Courses feature a Dashboard, Info page, Assignments, Lessons, Discussions, Tests, Roster, and a Calendar.


The Dashboard tab keeps you appraised of course activity through the Schedule, a list of your active Discussions, and announcements via the Bulletin Board


Alerts informs you about updates to assignments, new discussions, and newly-available tests—and links you to all of these activities.


Schedule pulls upcoming events from the course Calendar (see below).

My Discussions

My Discussions shows you if any of your discussions have been updated. Look for a green icon for discussions with new activity. To get a discussion into this list, you have to have participated in it at some point.

Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is a forum where you, your classmates, and your instructor can read and post messages related to the class. 

Type or copy-paste text into the bulletin field and then Post it.

You can use text formatting in the Bulletin Board.

You can also embed videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo by copying and pasting the video's URL right in the body of the text. Populi will do the rest.

Reply to a post by clicking Comment.

You can delete trash.png any post or comment in the Bulletin Board at any time.


The info tab gives you basic information about the course.


The basics about the course—description, credits, and so on.

Meeting times

The course's regularly-scheduled meeting times. This information is also available in your Calendar and via your Profile.

Optional Info

Supplies lists items that'll come in handy to do the coursework (stuff like calculators, pencils, and so on).

Links opens websites in a new tab or window.

The Reading List tells you about the required and recommended books for the course. If available, you'll also see a link to purchase the books in the Bookstore.

Files are supplemental materials the instructor has uploaded. Click the filename and then Download to view or save them.


The course Roster shows you who else is taking the course.


The course Calendar shows every event occurring in the course—meeting times, assignment due dates, test availability, lesson start dates, and any additional events.

Use the forward/backward arrows to navigate between months. Click Today to jump right to the current month.

Print the calendar to create a PDF of the month you're looking at.

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