Where can I find my grades?

Course Grades

Find the Courses panel, located both on Home and your Profile.

  • For courses in the Current Term, you'll see your in-progress grade. If no assignments have been graded yet, IP displays, meaning "Course In Progress". If your instructor hasn't enabled Course Progress to be visible, you'll only see IP.
  • For Courses in past terms, you'll see your final grade for that Course.
  • If you've Withdrawn from or are Incomplete in a Course, you'll see W or I.

The Course Stats panel on the Course Info page shows you your in-progress final grade together with basic attendance stats (Present, Absent, Tardy, Excused).

Assignment Grades

In the Assignments tab of a course page, the Grade/Percent and Letter Grade display in their respective columns in the Assignments table.

You can find the same information on individual assignment pages.

GPA, Earned Credits, Etc.

Your grade report shows your Earned Credits/Hours, Grade, and Grade Points for the term, as well as your Current and Cumulative Attempted Credits/Hours, Passed Credits/Hours, Earned Credits/Hours, GPA Credits/Hours, Grade Points, and GPA.

Your transcript shows your cumulative Earned Credits/Hours, Grade Points, and GPA.

Both your grade report and transcript are available from the Export button on your Profile.

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