Where can I find my grades?

You can find course and assignment grades in various places in Populi. Here's where to look...

Course Grades

Your overall course grade appears when your professor first grades an assignment (provided she's allowed Course Progress to be visible to students). The quickest way to see this grade is on the Courses panel, which is found on both on Home and My Profile. Here's what you'll see in that panel:

  • If no assignments in a course have been graded yet, there will be a blank space for the grade.
  • If one or more assignments have been graded, you'll see your current, in-progress grade. Obviously, this grade is subject to change!
  • When a course has been finalized, you'll see a lock next to it. The grade next to such courses is your final course grade—this is what goes on your transcript.
  • If you've withdrawn from a course after the add/drop date, you'll see W(or your school's equivalent). If you're incomplete in a course, you'll see I.

Naturally, this isn't the only place to see your overall course grade. You can also see it on the course dashboard: look for the stats at the top of the right column of the screen.

My Courses shows you the same information for each course displayed on the Dashboard.

Populi's mobile apps also show you your course grade. Tap and select My Courses. You can also receive notifications from the app when your grades change—you can configure those in the app's Settings view.

Assignment Grades

Assignment grades are available as soon as your professor submits the grade (again, provided she has set course Progress to be visible to students). Here's where to find those:

  • In the course Assignments view, you'll see your letter and percent grades in the assignment list.
  • On individual assignment pages, you'll see your grade in the right column under My Assignment Grade.

GPA, Earned Credits, Etc.

To view things like your GPA, earned credits/hours, and so on, have a look at your transcript.

Your grade report shows these items for a particular term.

You can export an unofficial transcript, request an official transcript, or export your grade report from My Profile > Student.

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