How do I make an online payment?

If your school has set up credit card processing through Populi, you can make online payments using a credit card and/or electronic check. 

You can get to the payment page one of two ways...

1. Home > Dashboard > Alerts


On your Populi Home page, you'll see an alert about unpaid invoices (if you have any). Click the alert to go to the payment page.

2. My Profile > Financial > Dashboard


  1. On your profile, click the Financial tab and look at the Dashboard. 
  2. Under the Amount Due in your Summary, you'll see two links: Make a payment and Someone else paying?
  3. Click Make a payment to go to the payment page.

The Payment Page

Fill in the requested information. Depending on your school's setup, you might be asked for credit card information, electronic check details, or be given an option to choose one or the other.

  • Don't get creative! Please enter the requested information accurately and completely. If not, your payment probably won't go through.
  • The Amount to pay is the same as your Amount Due. You can change that number if you wish to pay a different amount at this time. 
  • Once you click Pay Now, your payment will be submitted. If you have any problems, please contact a Staff member at your school.

Someone else paying?


Your payment page has a link that you can share with others who wish to pay some or all of your invoice. You can find this link...

  • By clicking Someone else paying? on your financial dashboard.
  • On your payment page in the right column.

Just copy and paste the link into an email and send it along to whom you wish. The link will expire after 30 days.

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