Video Tutorial: Financial Aid

Import ISIRs, track aid applications and communicate with applicants, offer aid packages and allow students to accept and reject them, place pending awards and disburse funds on student accounts.

Importing ISIRs

If you receive ISIRs, import them into Populi to quickly start aid applications without manually entering student information.

Starting an Aid Application without an ISIR

If you don't have ISIRs, start aid applications manually.

Accepting & Rejecting Student Aid Application Components

Indicate which components of student aid applications have been accepted or rejected.

Creating a Financial Aid Package

Select awards, specify amounts and disbursement dates, and offer them to students.

The Aid Application from the Student Perspective

Here is a look at what a student sees on their aid application.

Communicating with Aid Applicants

Use Populi's built-in interface to communicate with student's about their aid application.

Printing Award Letters

If you need a hard copy, you can print an award letter right from the student profile.

Disbursing Aid on Student Accounts

Filter by disbursement date, create a batch, and follow these steps to disburse funds on student accounts.

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