Step five: set up aid classifications

Aid Classifications let you create templates for your different financial aid applications. When you plug a classification into a student's aid application, it automatically supplies cost of attendance, enrollment information, and application components.

When packaging aid, classifications can be used in concert with Aid Year Schedules to originate aid packages with COD. The two items supply key information for the financial package: Cost of Attendance, enrollment status, and a disbursement schedule (among other items). You can include aid classifications in aid year schedules (covered in the next step).

To get started, go to Financial Aid > Settings > Aid Classifications.

How to add an aid classification

  1. Click Add Classification.
  2. Give the classification a name—for example, Masters Part-Time or Undergraduate Online.
  3. Enter details for the Program COA (cost of attendance):
  • Enter on-campus and off-campus amounts (or just enter one or the other).
  • Select Program COA Categories (created in the previous step) from the drop-down.
  • For each COA category, you can specify on-campus and off-campus amounts by clicking and selecting Toggle....
  • Enter the Year COA.
  • Select the enrollment type: choose from Full Time, Three-quarter Time, Half Time, or Less than Half Time.
  • Enter the number of months the student's program will occur in a given aid year.
  • Check the application components you want to include in this classification.
  • Click Save.

    To edit a classifcation, click its name and make your changes. Keep in mind that your changes will not be retroactive.

    Retire a classification by clicking .

    Next: set up aid year schedules.

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