How do online references work?

Online references are a kind of text answer type for application fields. Here's how they work:

1. You include the online reference field on an application form

When designing your application, you can selectOnline Reference as the answer type for one of your fields.

2. The applicant fills out the field on the application

When the applicant comes to this field on her application, she'll simply enter the email address for her reference person (and maybe an optional note).

3. Populi emails a link to the reference form

When she's ready, she can click Send to have Populi email the reference a link to the online form (together with any note she included).

4. When the reference fills it out, it shows up as a Submitted field on the application

Once the reference has been submitted, there'll be a notification on the Admissions Dashboard.

5. You process the field

Now you process it as you would any other submitted field: you can accept it, reject it, etc.

Fixing mistakes

If you need to change anything about the reference, you can do so at any time.

    1. Go to the student's application and click the name of the online reference field.
    1. Click edit this reponse (you can also simply resend the invitation).
    1. Make your changes; you can edit the email address or the message. When you're done, click Save under the message area.
    1. Click Done in the application field dialog. You can wait until the application is submitted to resend the reference invitation, or click Send invitation now.
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