How do I update application responses that have already been submitted?

So, an applicant has submitted an application and you've begun to review their responses. Some of the responses are just what you're looking for; others, however, just don't pass muster for whatever reason. If you'd like to record new or updated responses for these application fields, here's how to do that...

Option #1: Edit the responses yourself

You can, of course, change the response yourself. Say you give the applicant a call or use an application question and get the information you need that way. To update the response yourself:

1. Go to the application and click the field you want to update

When you do that, you'll see the applicant's response; below the response, click Edit this response. Make your changes and click Save. The Answer History tab records all changes to this field.


2. Leave a note (optional)

If you make changes, it might be a good idea to leave a Note explaining why the response was changed.

3. Click Done

After changing the response, leaving notes, and updating the field's status, click Done to save all of your changes to this field.


Option #2: Have the applicant update their responses

You can also have the applicant make the updates himself. This would be the best course if you wanted him to update, say, an essay question, or multiple application fields.

1. Make sure the application status is Submitted or In Progress

In the right column of the application page, you can change the application's Status. If it isn't already, click the field name and set it to Submitted or In Progress.


2. Change the field status to In Progress

Use the field filter at the top of the application to select multiple fields for status changes (anything with a check mark will be changed). Or click the status of an individual field to change just that one field.


3. Leave notes on the responses you'd like to be updated (optional but recommended)

It'd be best to leave Notes on the fields you'd like the applicant to update. Make sure you check Applicant can see this note! This will help the applicant find the fields more easily when they go back to the application.

4. Notify the applicant

Remember that each applicant gets a unique Populi URL for their application. When the application is started, the applicant receives an email containing that URL. The applicant can go back to their application at any time by navigating to that URL. You can also click the gear to re-send the application link email.


Now the applicant can go to their application, find the responses that need to be updated, make the necessary changes, and click Submit again to send them back to you.

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