Updating application responses that have already been submitted

So, an applicant has submitted an application and you've begun to review their responses. Some of the responses are just what you're looking for; others, however, just don't pass muster for whatever reason. If you'd like to record new or updated responses for these application fields, here's how to do that.

Option #1: Edit the responses yourself

You can, of course, change the response yourself:

  1. Go to the application and click the name of the field you wish to update.
  2. Under the applicant's answer, click Edit this response.
  3. Make any changes you wish to make; make sure to click Save under the response when you're done.
  4. Optional: enter a note detailing the change.
  5. To finish, click Done.

After you've updated the response, your changes will be visible in the field's History view.

Option #2: Have the applicant update their responses

You can also have the applicant make the updates herself. This would be the best course if you wanted him to update, say, an essay question, or multiple application fields.

  1. Go to the application and check the Status field in the right column under Settings. Make sure it is set to Submitted or In Progress. If it isn't, click Status and change it to one of those two settings.
  2. Find the field(s) that require updating and set its/their status to In Progress or Rejected.
  3. Optional: enter a note to indicate why the answer required updating.
  4. Let the applicant know that she can update those responses. You can re-send the application link email or have her use the original application email link.
  5. When the applicant goes to her application, she'll see the In Progress/Rejected fields will be editable. When she's done updating them, she'll need to go to the end of the application and click Submit once again.
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