How do I import information from the application into the student's profile?

Populi gives you several options for importing information from an application to the student's profile. Here's how to set up your application to collect that information and how to import it to the profile.

Application field setup

When setting up the application, there are a couple options for connecting the applicant's response to a built-in field in Populi. To be clear, these two options are mutually exclusive.

1. Link to existing field


  1. When designing a new application field, click Yes next to Link to an existing field?
  2. Select which field the *Answer updates*. You can choose one of your existing info fields—including Custom Info fields, Lead info like Ed. Level, certain student info fields, and a lot more. 
  3. When you Save the field, the application will now ask the applicant for the information the same way it would ask it of you. For example, Race/Ethnicity asks for that info using the standard reporting options, address fields require a properly-formatted address, and so on.

2. Choose from a list


  1. When designing a new application field, select Choose from a list as the Answer type.
  2. You can make a custom list—or, select from a standard, pre-populated list of answers. For example, you can ask for Degree or Specialization, or standard reporting items like Race/Ethnicity or Country.
  3. When you Save, just as with the Link to existing field option, the application will ask the applicant for the information the same way it would ask it of you...

Accepting the application

Here's how information from such fields will get pulled into the applicant's profile.

Set an application field to Accepted

Screen_Shot_2014-08-29_at_2.12.36_PM.png janey.png

In this example, Jane submitted a phone number that's linked to the Home Phone field on the profile. When you set that field to accepted, Populi will kick it right over to her profile without you having to do anything else—whether or not you end up admitting her as a student.

When you accept the application


When you set the application status to Accepted, you'll be given options to import their Course of Study and Entrance Term into gathered from the application.

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