How do I mark a Lead as withdrawn?

It happens: you shepherd a Lead through her initial interest, help her get started on her application, answer the questions that come up along the way... and then she tells you she has decided not to attend. How do you handle these situations (and all the others just like them)?

If the Lead has started an application...

You'll need to set the application to status to Withdrawn. To do so...


  1. Go to the application.
  2. In the right column, you'll see the Settings panel. Click Status.
  3. Select Withdrawn and then Save.

The application is now withdrawn and is no longer in play.

Change her Lead info

While there's no Lead status for withdrawn(this lets the Funnel Report more accurately describe how your leads move through the Admissions process), you can indicate that this Lead has withdrawn from the admissions process at your school.

1. Add a Declined reason.

In the notes area, you can write out a brief explanation of why the Lead declined.


2. Set the Lead Info status to Inactive.

Leave the Lead Status as-is. This signals to Populi that this Lead dropped out of the Admissions process at that particular phase of the Lead's interest in your school—which information is then included in the Funnel Report.


This process works at any point in the Admissions process—from Inquiry all the way up to Enrolled.

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