How to embed the initial application form in your school's website

After setting up your application, you can embed the initial form on your school’s website or any other web-based property—like an HTML-based email newsletter. There are two kinds of embed codes:

  • The code for all applications, which lets applicants select any of your online forms.
  • The code for an individual form.

Getting the embed code

To get the code for all applications:

  1. Go to Admissions > Settings > Application Forms.
  2. In the right column, click Get embed code.
  3. Select the code you're after—you can get one for All application forms or select one for an individual application.
  4. Select the source.
  5. Click the code field to highlight the code.
  6. Copy the code and paste it into your website editor.

To get the code for an individual application:

  1. Click the form's name to go to its page.
  2. At the bottom of the right column, you'll find the embed code. Copying the code works the same as described above.

Using the code in your website

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Have someone familiar with your school's website include the iframe in the site's code.
  • In Admissions > Settings > Other Settings you can enter Custom CSS to make the Populi form's appearance match the rest of your site.
  • This article describes how to use Javascript to track application starts and submits from the form.
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