How to embed the initial application form in your school's website

After setting up your application, you can embed the initial form on your school’s website or any other web-based property—like an HTML-based email newsletter. There are two kinds of embed codes: one for all applications, which lets applicants select from any of your online forms; and one for an individual application form.

Step 1: Get the embed code

To get the code for all applications, go to Admissions > Settings > Application Forms. In the right column, click get embed code.

  1. Click Admissions
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Application Forms
  4. Click Get Embed Code


Step 2: Choose embed code options

Select All online application forms from the drop-down or select the embed code for a specific application. If you don't see an application as an option in the drop down menu, go to the application's page by clicking on its name and make sure Show Online is set to "Yes" in the application settings.  Select a Lead source that corresponds to where you will embed this form. Use the "Click here to view the application form" option to check out how this application form will look to your applicants. If you like it, copy the embed code.

  1. Select "All online application forms" or select one of your specific applications.
  2. Select a lead source. This source should correspond to where you will embed this form.
  3. Select the embed code and copy it.


Step 3: Embed the code in your website

To use the Embed Code, have someone familiar with your school website’s include it in the site’s code. You may also want to have them enter some custom CSS code to match the online form’s appearance with the rest of your website. Custom CSS is entered in Admissions > Settings > Other Settings. As with all web design, it will probably take one or two rounds of tweaking your application page until it looks and acts the way you want it to. Test it out rigorously to make sure everything works—especially if you’re using custom CSS. Once everything looks good, you’re ready to start accepting applications through your embedded form.

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