Starting applications and linking them to Leads

Starting an application

Applications can be started two different ways…

The Lead starts it online

Leads can start an application by going to your online application form. They have a few ways to find that form:

1. You've embedded it on a web page somewhere

If you've embedded your application in a website or newsletter, the Lead can start the application right there. 

Typically, you've had some contact with the Lead before this point. But the Lead doesn't have to be in your system to fill out an application—if you've put the application somewhere public, you should expect to meet brand-new people through your online application. If you have an un-linked application, you can link to to a Lead (whether an existing person or someone new to you) on the application's page.

You've added it to a Lead yourself

You can also start applications for Leads on their Profile > Admissions tab under a particular Lead Info set.

  1. Go to the Lead's Profile and click the Admissions tab.
  2. At the bottom of the Active Lead Info set, click Add an application.
  3. Select an application, fill out the rest of the details, and Save.


Application fees

Check out this article to learn more about application fees—how to set them up, how to use them, how to waive them, what your Lead sees, etc.

Linking applications to Leads

Whether or not the application comes from an existing Lead or a brand-new person, you'll want to link that application to a Lead.

Now, you don't have to link the application to a Lead. In fact, you can process just about the whole thing without linking it to anyone. But it's worth it to do so—you can do a lot more with a person/Lead that does exist in Populi than you can with one that only potentially exists...

1. Find the application

In Admissions > Applications, you can see all applications. Use the filter to see applications that are not linked to a person, or just look for applications marked with an Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 10.00.07 AM.png.

Screen_Shot_2013-12-16_at_5.16.47_PM.png Screen_Shot_2013-12-16_at_4.58.36_PM.png_2013-12-16_17-05-13.png

2. Go to the application's page

In the right column, look under the Info heading. You'll see where you can Link this application to a person. You have a few options...


Possible match: If Populi matches the application to an existing person in your database, you'll see them listed here. Matches are based on some combination of name and contact information. Click a suggested name to go to that person's profile. If it's a good match, click the radio button and then Apply.

Add as a new person: Click the radio button and then Apply to create a new person based on the application info—this person will automatically be created as a Lead.

Link to an existing person: If there are no matches, but you know this person is already in Populi (say, they're entered under their maiden name but they inquired after getting married), click the radio button and then search for existing people. Once you've found the match, click their name and then Apply. The name from the application will be replaced by the name of the person to whom you linked it; all other information will be added to anything that already exists.

Next steps

Now that you've created or added the application and linked it to a Lead, you're ready to work on processing the application.

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