Accepting applicants as students

After processing a Lead's application, you decide to accept her for enrollment at your school. Here's how to accept and application and change a Lead into a Student.

Accepting the application

These instructions work for most any situation. For example, if an application has been marked as Deferred and the applicant is now ready to attend, you need only follow these steps to accept the application and convert her into a student. 

First things first: make sure this application has been linked to a person!

Go to the application, and under Settings in the right column, click Status. Change the status to Accepted and some other fields will appear:

  • Provisional: If this is a provisional acceptance (maybe you're waiting on a transcript or follow-up on an incomplete field), check here; a text area will appear so you can note the reason for the provisional acceptance.
  • Add Student Role: This gives her the student role, which she'll need in order to enroll in courses at your school.
  • Student ID: This number is automatically-generated (year of entry plus six digits); feel free to edit it if necessary.
  • Entrance Term: This is imported from the application Info section (on the right side of the screen below Settings); feel free to change if necessary.
  • Import Course of Study: Check this to import the course of study information (program and degree) from the Application Info section to her Student tab.
  • Create User Account: Check this to add her as a userUsername/Email and Alternate Email fields will open up so you can set up their user account.

When you Save, all of these changes are committed to the application and, where applicable, her profile.

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