Step three: set up your lead sources

Lead Sources let you track where your leads learn about your school. Identifying productive sources can help you decide where to focus your efforts. You can associate sources with inquiry and application forms and get solid information on where Leads are connecting with you.

First, you create Source Types. These are big-picture: Conference, Purchased List, Newsletter, Internet… and so on. Then you create the specific sources within those types. For example, under "Internet" you might create sources called "Website", "Facebook", "Tumblr", and "U.S. News Banner Ad".


To get started, head to Admissions > Settings > Lead Sources.

1. Add a source type

In the right column, click add next to Source Types. 


Give the Source Type a name and Save. Remember, these are big-picture source categories, so keep it general—e.g. "Internet", "Print", etc.


2. Add sources as needed

In the left column, click Add a Source


Give the Source a name, select the type, and Save. Here's where you get specific: "Admissions website" under "Internet"; "Faithful Intelligence mailing" under "Email newsletter", etc.


As you build new campaigns and try out new strategies, come back here to add new Lead Sources to help you track how effective they are.


Next step: set up Lead Routing...

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