Step four: set up Lead Routing

Lead Routing lets you automatically assign admissions representatives to each inquiry or application that comes in through your external Inquiry or Application forms. If you have multiple admissions users (people with either the Admissions or Admissions Admin user role), they'll be assigned each inquiry or application in turn. When someone is assigned an inquiry or application, Populi will email them a notification about it. Read more about admissions notifications here.

In the example above...

  • The first inquiry would go to Avon, the second to Sherman, the third to Josh, and the fourth back to Avon; Antoine and Omar won't be assigned to any new inquiries.
  • The first application would go to Avon, the second to Antoine, the third to Omar, and the fourth back to Avon; Sherman and Josh won't be assigned any new applications.

To get started, go to Admissions > Settings > Lead Routing.

Read more about assigning admissions representatives in this article.

Next step: set up one or more Inquiry forms

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