Step six: set up one or more applications

Application forms let you collect the information, files, and other details you need from your leads to determine whether they may enroll at your school. You can have multiple applications; each application may be associated with a different academic program, academic term, application fee, as well as other settings. Applications can be embedded on other websites and, like inquiry forms, be connected to particular lead sources to help you track how people learn about your school.

To get started, go to Admissions > Settings > Application Forms.

  1. Click Add an application form to start a new form.
  2. First you'll establish the application form's settings—how will the form behave, to whom will it be available, will there be a fee to apply, and so on.
  3. After than, you'll design the application: adding questions, setting up fields and references, and organizing with sections headings and text.

Next step: set up one or more communication plans

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