Step seven: set up one or more communication plans

Communication Plans let you set up the same communications workflow for each lead you put on the plan. Plans are comprised of letters, emails, and to-dos and have a number of timeframe options. For example, you can schedule a "Welcome to YourCollege Admissions" email after initial contact, then an introductory letter to accompany an information packet via snail mail, and then a number of follow-up tasks to help coax the lead into applying.

Communications and activities are tracked on the lead's Profile > Activity Feed, in Communications > Scheduled Events, and on Admissions > Dashboard.

To get started, go to Communications > Communication Plans.

  1. Click Add a communication plan and start adding events.
  2. After setting up your first plan, apply it to a test person to get a feel for how it works.

Read more about setting up and using Communication Plans.

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